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Our Schools...
The McPherson Unified School District 418 is recognized as one of the leading school districts in Kansas. The McPherson schools are served by three central office administrators, a full-time special education director, nine building administrators, a food service director, a buildings and grounds director, 252 certified staff and 283 classified staff.
The district operates an early education center, four elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, an alternative high school program, and is also the sponsoring district of the McPherson County Special Education Cooperative. Enrollment (K-12) in the McPherson schools is approximately 2350.
The four neighborhood elementary schools—Pre-K through 5th grade—have an average regular education class size of 19 students. Each of the McPherson USD 418 elementary schools offers a comprehensive program, including library services, art, vocal and instrumental music, computer-assisted instruction, and special education. Curriculum is developed cooperatively by teachers throughout the district.
McPherson Middle School, grades 6-8, offers a broad program of academic and elective exploratory courses. Middle school regular education classes average 23 students. Activities in drama, student government, and athletics are provided for students.
McPherson High School, grades 9-12, offers a strong college preparatory program as well as vocational education and career planning services. The average regular education class size at McPherson High School is 22 students. A wide selection of co-curricular and extracurricular programs is available for students.
All McPherson USD 418 schools are fully accredited by the Kansas State Board of Education under the Quality Performance Accreditation system.
Board of Education

Each board of education member is elected to a four-year term by the citizens of the school district. Regular board of education meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m., 514 N. Main. These meetings are open to the public. Board members' home telephone numbers are the following:

Brad Berg 755-2836
Jeff Johnson


Leighton Kaloupek


Terry Krier


Pam Lawson


Donna Viola


Chris Wiens


Building Locations
Maps showing locations of schools and district facilities are available at the Central Office, each school building, and the homepage on the internet. Maps showing elementary schools for residents residing outside the McPherson city limits are available
  • The school district has a home page accessible on the Internet at www.mcpherson.com/418/
  • Cable channel 20 provides information about McPherson USD 418.
  • The district provides financial support for local education as provided under Kansas law.
  • The district general fund for 2010-11 is $13,357,847 and the supplemental general fund is $4,404,468.
  • The 2011-12 assessed valuation of the school district is $167,156,411.
Parent/Community Involvement
  • Each of the school buildings has a site council. Site councils are responsible for providing advice in evaluating state, district and building goals and operations. Membership includes the principal, teachers, school employees, parents, business and community representatives.
  • The elementary schools and middle school have Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO) that work closely with the school staff to support the students and teachers.
  • Numerous advisory and booster groups exist for parents and community persons to support and advise academic, vocational, fine arts, music and athletic programs.
  • The Community Education Foundation involves many district residents in providing enhanced financial support for projects and activities above those possible from the school budget.
School Books and Supplies
Books, workbooks and materials may be rented from the school for a fee. Free textbooks are available to qualifying students. A list of supplies specific to a grade level or course may be obtained from each school office
School Entrance Requirements
Any child who is five years old on or before August 31 is eligible to attend kindergarten. Any child who is six years old on or before August 31 is eligible to enter the first grade.
Requirements for enrolling in Kansas schools are a valid birth certificate and proof of immunization against diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, poliomyelitis, mumps, rubella (German measles), rubeola (measles), hepatitis B, and varicella (chicken pox).
All children under the age of nine entering a Kansas school for the first time are required to present the results of a child health assessment that has been done within 12 months prior to school admission. Health assessment means a basic screening for hearing, vision, nutrition, growth and developmental, and health history.
School Meals
School lunches are available in all school buildings. Nutritional meals are provided at a reasonable cost to students and parents. Free or reduced lunch prices are available to students who qualify; forms for free or reduced are available in each school office.

A breakfast program is available between 7:30–8:00 a.m. in all of the district's schools. Students who qualify for free or reduced price lunches also qualify for free or reduced price breakfasts.
Special Education
The McPherson County Special Education Cooperative offers services and programs to qualified students to help them participate in and benefit from their school experience. The special education cooperative is supported by the five unified school districts in McPherson County.

Highly qualified and state certified teachers, clinicians, and psychologists are available to carry out the evaluation and education of students with special needs. Questions should be directed to the special education director's office at 241-9400, ext 121.
Tax Levy
The total 2011-12 mill levy for the school district is 52.415 mills. This is 20.0 mills general, 18.455 mills supplemental general, 8.0 mills capital outlay, 5.840 mills bond and interest, and 0.12 mills special assessments.
Teaching Staff

McPherson USD 418 employs a teaching staff dedicated to the education of all children. Some profile information about our teachers:

    • 50 percent of the teachers have earned a masters degree or higher;
    • The average years of employment with McPherson USD 418 is 11 years;
    • The average total years of teaching experience is 16 years.
Test Scores

The most recent composite ACT score for McPherson High School students was 22.2 with all students participating in conjunction with the C3 initiative. The Kansas composite for the same period was 21.7 and the national composite was 20.9.

McPherson USD 418 resident students living outside the city limits are provided transportation to and from their assigned building. School transportation is also provided for participants in school-sponsored activities outside of the school district. 

Specific information about bus routes may be obtained by calling the student transportation, 241-6830, or the McPherson USD 418 business office, 241-9400, ext 110