Off Inventory Computers


Computers that have been replaced in the district 418 technology inventory are considered Off Inventory Computers.

This means that ...

  • they are no longer covered by district insurance
  • no district level technology funds will be spent on their repair or maintanence
  • district level technology staff should not be contacted for issues with these computers
  • Principals or Supervisors take full responsibility for any OIC computers they accept into their building for use.

Why off inventory?

418 has around 1000 computers on their current inventory list. One person is responsible for the maintenance of all those computers.  Until the number of district support staff is increased, the technology department can only maintain current technology, not technology that has been replaced in the normal rotation.

Who do I contact if I have problems?

If you have any issue with an Off Inventory Computer, contact your building principal. They will make any decisions about the future of that computer.

When it ceases to function, it may be sent to Park Warehouse with a note that says For Disposal. The computer will then be responsibly recycled with a local business who provides those services.

Building Principals may, at their discretion, spend their building funds on an OIC. The principal may consult with a district level tech support person, if they have questions.