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District Goals

Board of Education Goals
1.     We will engage parents and the community in serious discussions about the education of our children.
  • Promote community and state leadership on education issues.
  • Engage the McPherson community in discussions on current education issues in McPherson and the state of Kansas.
2.     We will provide staff the training, knowledge, skills and resources necessary to assist children to grow to their fullest potential.
  • Design programs and structures that emphasize establishing relationships wth students in grades 6-12 similar to those in grades Pre-K-5.
  • Do research and study, then implemet programs for our district to be on the cutting edge of educating all our students.
  • Design, invent and restructure schools so that each school is educating the entire child. (Fine Arts)
  • Establish rigourous curriculum and activity programs for all students to reach their fullest potential. (Pre-AP and AP)
3.     We will work to hire and retain the best people to serve our students.
  • Work to provide recruitment and retention activities that will attract and keep top candidates in McPherson.
  • Establish relationship building as a top priority in the district.
  • Work to establish mentor and other programs to aide in retention of quality personnel.
  • Provide staff development opportunities for staff to grow in their skills and knowledge.
BOE Approved: 8/20/2012