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Mission Statement

The purpose of the McPherson Unified School District 418 is to assure that students will acquire basic academic and decision-making skills necessary to be productive, responsible citizens in a changing society. Students are challenged to achieve individual success, work to their fullest potential, and become lifelong learners. Our school will guide and assist students to identify and accomplish personal, academic and career goals.

To achieve the purpose of our schools, the following learning goals are established. Students should:
  • Demonstrate competency in the communication skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Demonstrate competency in basic math skills.
  • Express knowledge and understanding of our country's history and the democratic process.
  • Exhibit knowledge of basic concepts of humanities and fine arts.
  • Utilize current technology and information resources.
  • Apply logical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Develop and practice personal skills needed for physical and emotional wellness.
  • Develop parenting and family life skills.
  • Cooperate with others, showing compassion and tolerance for individual differences.
  • Practice commitment, dependability and responsibility.
  • Demonstrate skills needed for success regarding further education and careers.
Maximum achievement of these goals requires a continued commitment from our community, patrons, parents, board of education, school administrators, staff and the students themselves. McPherson Unified School District 418 pledges its commitment to the achievement of these goals.

Adopted by the Board of Education on April 24, 1989