Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP)

An IPDP must be on file for each certified staff member under contract with USD 418.


The IPDP shall be submitted to the Professional Development Council (PDC) to be acted on at a scheduled meeting. IPDP's are written as a five-year plan and should be completed upon renewal of the certificate. 


*If an employee transfers teaching assignments and/or buildings, they will be required to complete a new IPDP. 


To request the appropriate IPDP template, contact Toni Cabezas ([email protected]).

All plans shall be submitted to the principal on the Professional Development Plan form. The principal shall sign the IPDP indicating review and approval of the plan.  The principal shall forward completed and signed IPDP's to Lois Edwards.


A substitute teacher, employed for any period of time by the district, may participate in the district's in-service plan.