Board of Education Recognizes Professional Learning Community Leaders

During the regular board meeting on Monday, January 16, 2023, the McPherson Public Schools Board of Education recognized the educators who have served as leaders for our professional learning communities (PLCs) during the 2022-23 school year. 
Professional Learning Communities were implemented as a part of the district's strategic plan, Vision 2025. These groups directly support the faculty and staff focus area. The goal of this focus area is to "foster a work environment that encourages leadership, innovation, excellence, and high morale in faculty and staff, responds to changing needs, embraces diversity, values communication and collaboration, is respectful, trusting, fair, and collegial, and is unwavering it its mission to serve in the best interest of students." 
The vision of PLCs is that through teacher learning, we will improve student outcomes.  
The district has committed time each week for PLC's to meet by releasing students early on Wednesdays. We have established Teacher Leaders (Learning Leads) to empower teachers to led the process and provided significant professional development both to start the year and as ongoing support throughout the year
Through PLC's, the district is having strong dialogue and collaboration, participating in professional inquiry and assuring horizontal and vertical communication.

We have observed and are specifically thanking our PLC Leads and our teachers for a relentless commitment to improvement. They have created a culture where improvement is a team effort for which everyone is responsible and are leading the way to demonstrate that teacher behavior is key to enhancing student learning. We are proud to see these leaders demonstrate a belief that knowledge is constructed from day-to-day experiences, along with the ability to share those experiences.

McPherson Public Schools places a tremendous value on ongoing learning or continuous inquiry and wants to thank our PLC leaders for their commitment to this effort. 
Pictured are the leaders who were present for recognition at the Board Meeting and attached is a full list of leaders. 

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