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 The following email was sent out to all 418 faculty and staff:
​​~This email only applies to 418 staff that are assigned a district laptop.~
Hope you are all enjoying summer! We are ready to have staff members change over to the new laptops. 
It is VITAL that you have a good backup of your laptop and that you have less than 250GB of data. 
This information has been in the Monthly Tech Newsletter. By far, the largest types of files that take up space is pictures and videos. We recommend purchasing an external hard drive to save these or use a service like Google Photos or Flickr. Please do this ahead of time, we will not have time to help you do this during the laptop exchange.
We are going to exchange computers by building. If you are in multiple buildings, please choose your main building. We understand that not everyone can make the building dates and have a few dates later in the summer to accommodate.
Please bring
1. Your Current District Laptop
2. Your Backup Drive
3. Any laptop chargers you have
4. Any laptop box that you may have

June 26th, 8am-3pm, Little Theater
June 27th, 8am-3pm, COMMONS 
June 28th, 8am-11am, Library
June 28th, 12:30pm-3:30pm, Library
June 29th, 12:30pm-3:30pm, Library
June 29th, 8am-11am, Commons
Central Office/Special Ed
July 5th, 8am-3pm, North Conference Room at Central Office
Additional Dates
July 24th, 8am-3pm, North Conference Room at Central Office
August 7th, 8am-3pm, North Conference Room at Central Office