McPherson Unified School District 418

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Special Education » Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Central Office

Melissa Strathman, Director of Special Education

Melissa Zieammermann, Assistant Director of Special Education
Donna Vincent, Special Education Secretary

Becki Peters, Records and Medicaid Clerk

Pam Neufeld, Paraeducator Facilitator


School Psychologists

Kaitlyn Bressie - Canton Galva, Lincoln Elementary

Jami Bunger - Smoky Valley, STrIVE, St. Joseph’s

Jennifer Fisher - McPherson High, Eisenhower Elementary, TLC

Jessica Kumle - Roosevelt Elementary, Inman

Carol Lujano - Washington Elementary, Early Childhood, Elyria

Melissa Sullivan - McPherson Middle, Moundridge


Specialists & Coordinators

Cathy Penner, Behavior Specialist

Sharon Stevens, Behavior Specialist

Jana Koehn, Autism Specialist

Eric Edwards, Social Worker

Carrie Brock, Social Worker

Kevin Crist, Transition Coordinator


Speech Language Pathologists

Whitney Landsdowne – Moundridge, Elyria

Shelley Bohme – Early Childhood

Molly Dohrman – Washington Elementary

Sandy Erickson – Inman

Amy Gilkey – Roosevelt Elementary

Linda Herring – Eisenhower Elementary, McPherson High

Laura Labertew – McPherson Middle

Carmen Hill – Canton Galva, St. Joseph

Jana Johnson – Lincoln Elementary

Cathy McMahon – Smoky Valley Middle, Smoky Valley High

Laura Sandbo – Soderstrom, Lindsborg Early Childhood


Physical Therapists

 Shanna Robertson


Occupational Therapists

Jan Glimpse

Gae Ronsse

Kim Wright


Teacher of the Hearing Impaired

Winsome Harvey



Lois Little-Winter


Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Teri Chaney


Adaptive PE

Tyler Brown



Sally Anderson - Smoky Valley, Canton Galva

Jill Hultberg – Washington Elementary, McPherson Middle

Amanda Keller – Lincoln Elementary, McPherson High

Sheri Nakai – Moundridge, Elyria, St. Joseph

Debra Vogt – Eisenhower Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Inman


Early Childhood

Jennifer Broadfoot – Lincoln Elementary, Canton Galva, Moundridge, St Joseph

Currently Open – Eisenhower Elementary, Smoky Valley

Sue Odermann – Roosevelt Elementary, Inman, Moundridge, Elyria, Kids Kampus

Sheryl Schrag – Washington Elementary, McPherson Community Preschools, T3 Program


Specialized Program Teachers

Heather Pfeiff – Eisenhower Elementary – Life Skills

Ellie Wingert – McPherson Middle – Life Skills

Beth Klassen – McPherson Middle – Functional Academics

Belinda O’Dell – McPherson High – Functional Academics

Sarah Colaw – STrIVE 18-21 Year Old Program

Chelsea Thompson – Lincoln Elementary – PBS, Positive Behavior Supports

Thomas Jackson – McPherson Middle – PBS, Positive Behavior Supports

Jeremiah Meeks – McPherson High – PBS, Positive Behavior Supports

Rebecca Pflughoeft – McPherson Middle – PAWS, Personal Awareness with Supports

Raeann Southern – McPherson High - PAWS, Personal Awareness with Supports


Interrelated Teachers

McPherson USD 418

Lincoln Elementary – Aspen Lott, Shandell ScheiefereckeCourtney Frey

Washington Elementary – Elisha Cairns, Cathy Mauch, Meghan Mai

Roosevelt Elementary – Erin Seal, Diane Wickstrom, Tiffany Pacey

Eisenhower Elementary – Melissa ReevesMallory Zeurcher

McPherson Middle – Matt McCasland, Sharla Jost, David Cummings

McPherson High – Adam Long, Herb Halinski, Noah Lindfors


Canton Galva USD 419

Canton Galva Elementary – Crystal Holmes, Jennifer Taylor

Canton Galva Jr/Sr High – Carly Weisbeck


Inman USD 448

Inman Elementary – Jan Chapman, Aaron Dibbens

Inman Middle/High – Aaron Dibbens, Tony Mark


Moundridge USD 423

Moundridge Elementary – Jeanie Fulmer

Moundridge Middle – Cara Craig

Moundridge High – Courtney Moddelmog


Private Schools

Elyria/St. Joseph – Currently Open


Smoky Valley USD 400

Soderstrom Elementary – Heather Hipp, Jodie Norberg

Smoky Valley Middle – Jessica Rawson, Nancy Galloway

Smoky Valley High – Amanda GriffinKris Walker