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GEI Summary

What is a Generation Education Intervention? A Generation Education Intervention is represented by Individuals with varying backgrounds and expertise who are committed to building supports for students who are experiencing academic or behavioral problems and those who work with them.

Team members should:
  • Have an honest desire to learn more about social and behavioral concerns that affect students, staff, and the school climate.
  • Be able to maintain high levels of confidentiality.
  • Be willing to look at new ways to help students.
  • Be committed to a nurturing and safe school environment.

Why Implement a Generation Education Intervention?

The growing diversity of academic and behavior needs exceed what our current system offers to students and teachers.

Belief Statement Underlying the Need for a Student Improvement Team Process:
  • Each student has the right to receive all the available resources needed to succeed academically and socially.
  • Many students have problems that are persistent, complex and interrelated, and they impact their academic performance.
  • School and community resources are often fragmented and difficult to access.
  • Often, student problems get managed, but not resolved; and long-term integrated solutions are rarely implemented.
  • It is imperative to create a process that focuses on creating connections and solutions.