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Professional Development Council Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do I need to submit a Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)?
An IPDP needs to be submitted every time you renew your license or want to make a change in your plan. An IPDP is good from the beginning of your license date to the end of your license date.


2. Why the changes to how the Professional Development Council (PDC) operates?

New state laws and regulations were passed summer (2003) changing the way in which licensure (used to be certification) is handled. Part of that change requires the PDC to have an active role in license renewals. In order to renew your license, you will have to submit your renewal request through PDC. All college credit hours and PDC points will be verified by PDC before your license is renewed. 


3. How are points awarded?

Professional development points are awarded according to three levels. For each of the three levels there are no limits on the number of points that may be earned.  No limits means that you may earn as many points as you want for license renewal. The three levels are described below:


Level I - Knowledge

Points are awarded on a one-point per hour basis provided the individual verifies that he/she has learned something as a result of the professional development activity.

Level II - Application  

Points are awarded based on the demonstrated application of the information gained at the knowledge level and for which double the knowledge level points are awarded.

Level III - Impact  

Points are awarded based on demonstrated impact (improved student learning) of the knowledge and skills acquired and for which triple the knowledge level points are awarded.


4. How many knowledge level points may I get per day?

You are limited to six (6) points per day for a full day of inservice unless you provide a certificate stating you have completed more points for the day.


5. Will PDC grant points in half-hour (30 minute) increments?

No, one-half hour increments will be rounded up.


6. How do I submit a request for PDC points? How much do I have to write?

Responses to the questions should be complete enough that PDC members can ascertain what was learned and how the learning will or did affect student learning. PDC points earned for workshops, conferences, study groups, etc. have the same value as college hours so you should anticipate that the quality of writing should be similar to work submitted at the graduate level.  If a certificate is provided for workshop, etc., questions a, b & c are not required to be answered.  


As a general rule, a minimum of three (3) specific sentences summarizing or telling what you learned or explaining how you will use the activity should be written on Form A. The more points you request the more detail you will be expected to provide in your summary.


7. How soon after an activity must I submit my request for points?

Requests for PDC points and college credit hours must be submitted within (60 days) of the actual inservice date on a In-service validation form (form A).


8. How do I submit a request for points from a District Study Group or credit for a college class?

Fill out the identifying information for Form A and type into section one “Study Group—Blackboard Questions and Answers attached. Then attach a hard copy of your blackboard responses from the study group. Submit request within 60 days of the completion of the study group.


9. Do I have to have professional development points to renew my five-year professional license?

Yes, with the exception of the following situations, under state regulations effective July 1, 2003, all renewals of a professional license will be based on professional development points awarded by the professional development council . 



·  You may apply directly to Licensure and Teacher Education  at KSDE if you are completing a program for an additional endorsement or license (new teaching field or school specialist or leadership), and can provide an official transcript verifying at least 8 credit hours that were part of the approved program.

·  You may apply directly to Licensure and Teacher Education  at KSDE if you held a certificate and earned a graduate degree prior to July 1, 2003, are renewing on experienceAND have at least three years of accredited experience during the term of the professional license being renewed. 

·  You may apply directly to Licensure and Teacher Education  at KSDE if you have completed the National Board Certification assessment  process through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards during the term of the professional license being renewed.


10. How old can professional development points be?  What about credit hours?

The individual must verify professional development points  earned during the term of the license that is being renewed.  Therefore, any points awarded for activities OR for semester credit hours must have been earned during the five-year current professional license period.  However, knowledge points that are used as the baseline to award application  or impact points may have been earned during a previous licensure period.  The application or impact points must have been earned during the licensure period being renewed.


11.  How is college credit for re-licensure different now than in the past?

College credit must be in one of the three areas listed below:

  1. content the teacher is teaching
  2. professional education standards
  3. service to the profession

If you are planning to take a class for college credit, you may want to request for specific approval (not required) BEFORE you start the class to assure that it will be counted in one of these areas. Dr. Watson will be developing a form that will be available to use online.


Another difference is that college credit MUST come through PDC and must be submitted within 60 days of the end of the class. Therefore, if you submit the above mentioned form prior to the class that will provide the documentation you need to assure that the class will be approved.


12.  How is college credit handled by PDC?  Shouldn’t I be able to take any class want and get licensed?

 Keep in mind that an individual must complete professional development activities in two of three areas:  content, professional education (pedagogy) and service to the profession. Generally, if an individual completes coursework related to content, the content should be related to the endorsements/licenses the individual holds OR to new endorsements/licenses that the individual may be working towards.  However, some content coursework is considered applicable to any educator, such as computer coursework.  Professional education (pedagogy) may be related to content endorsements OR that would be applicable to any educator, no matter what their endorsement/licensure area.  Example:  A course on discipline in the classroom could be applicable to any educator.  There may be coursework that is related to service to the profession that the PDC may consider appropriate on an individual basis. Remember:  one semester hour of college credit shall count as 20 professional development points.