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Classified Benefits

This summary of benefits is based on policies adopted by the board of education. For additional information about benefits, contact the business office, 620-241-9400 ext 108.


Paid Holidays:

  • All classified employees will receive Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and All Schools Day as paid holidays.
  • In addition, employees who are contracted for 230 or more days per year will be paid their regular day's wages for New Years, Good Friday, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

Paid Time Off:

  • Classified employees employed less than year-round may be granted a maximum of two days, nonaccumulative, paid time off each school year.
  • Employees with greater than 10 years in the district may be granted one additional nonaccumulative day of paid time off.
  • Employees with greater than 20 years in the district may be granted two additional nonaccumulative days of paid time off.

Sick Leave

  • Available to employees who are contracted to work 20 hours or more per week.
  • Granted at the rate of one working day (equivalent to the day contracted) per month, starting on the first day of employment.
  • May be accumulated to 60 working days.

Sick Leave Bank

  • Established for employees with extended personal illness; new employees may join the sick leave bank any time during their first year once they have accumulated ten sick leave days.
  • Enroll by donating one day to the bank annually;
  • Medical reports are required;
  • May be used for hardship case situations.

Professional Leave

  • May be granted for the purpose of improving skills, increasing knowledge, or becoming more proficient in carrying out assignments.

Group Health Insurance

  • The district offers three options for Blue Cross/Blue Shield group health insurance.
  • The board of education pays a set amount toward a single health insurance premium (prorated if employed less than full-time).

Longevity Incentive Benefit:

  • An incentive will be paid in December based on years of continuous employment in the district:
Years of service

Early Retirement :

  • Available to employees who elect to retire prior to age 65 based on policy adopted by the board of education.