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What is this Foundation?
The Foundation is based on the concept that public education can be endowed in the same method as higher education through a broad-based system of local community support. The Foundation became a private, nonprofit organization under Articles of Incorporation adopted May 29, 1990.

The original impetus for starting the Foundation came from a group who believed that the quality of life in a community is directly related to the quality of its educational system. The trustees, comprised of a cross section of the community, is the governing body of the McPherson Unified School District Community Education Foundation.
The mission of the McPherson USD 418 Community Education Foundation is: “To enhance the basic public support of the educational programs and goals of the McPherson Unified School District for the benefit of students.”
How Does the Foundation Work?
The Foundation, in cooperation with McPherson County Community Foundation (MCCF), serves as a way in which citizens and organizations may impact the quality of educational opportunities in McPherson. By pooling tax deductible donations, the Foundation will provide a fund for strengthening public schools to enhance McPherson’s future.

Funds are used exclusively to support a variety of educational experiences in the classroom, for programs which directly benefit students and which support the school improvement efforts of the school and district. Funds in no way replace state or local funds for school operating expenses. They are not used for teachers’ salaries.
What Can You Do?
The Foundation provides a way for you to help improve the quality of education above and beyond the regular academic funding from the state. Your contribution stays in McPherson and is used to directly benefit local students. 
Board of Trustees
The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees composed of a cross section of McPherson, including educators and individuals from the community. The board is responsible for the direction and activities of the Foundation. For more information, call or write:
McPherson Unified School District 418
Community Education Foundation
514 N. Main
1233 North Main PO Box 822
McPherson KS 67460