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Grant Categories

Grants will be awarded to educators in the fall. Funds are to be used during the remainder of the school year and must be spent by June 30 of the grant year.

Applications must fit one of four grant categories. The Allocations Committee will consider all applications and will recommend awards to the full Education Foundation Board. The Allocations Committee will not be held to awarding a designated amount in each category.

Grants to Teachers
Funds from this grant program will be awarded to teachers for the purpose of supporting a variety of educational experiences in one or several classrooms. Unique and creative projects designed by the teachers will support the school improvement efforts of the school and/or district and will focus upon student outcomes.  The Foundation sees these grants as a way to encourage excellence in teaching while enhancing educational experiences for students.

Grants for Experts
Monies from this grant program will allow teachers and/or administrators to fund resource people who will spend time with McPherson students and/or teachers in an effort to enrich educational opportunities in the district.  Resource people from such fields as business, literature, the arts, science, politics, etc. would be invited to the district in order to support the school improvement efforts of a school and/or the district.  Students/teachers may also be taken to the expert as a field trip experience.

School Grants
Funds from this grant will allow staffs (teachers, administrators, classified staff members) to further their school improvement efforts by supporting building-wide or district-wide strategies designed to meet identified needs as stated in their school or district improvement plans.  Monies may be used for resources, which will enhance the educational opportunities for all students within a school or for many students within the district.

Professional Growth and Development Grants
Grant funds in this category may be used to fund staff development for certified or classified staff.  Funds may be used for single-person or whole-staff opportunities and may be used for such things as attending summer or school-year workshops/institutes, attending national or regional meetings/workshops, traveling to other districts to observe innovative educational practices, bringing staff development programs to the district or individual school, or supporting self-study or study groups. While initial staff development outcomes will be staff-focused, future student outcomes will be anticipated.  Priority will be given to those staff members who will be willing to offer training opportunities gained through this grant program to others within the district. Persons applying for a grant within this category need prior approval from the Director of Instruction.

NOTE:  All applications are due the first Friday in October and will not be accepted after that date.  Applicants can submit one individual grant and one group grant per year.  An individual or group may receive funding for the same grant two consecutive years.