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Procedure Regarding Referrals for AT Team

May 17, 2010

Revised March 11, 2015



McPherson County Special Education Cooperative

Procedure Regarding Referrals for Assistive Technology Team Assessment







Once the student’s IEP team completes the Assistive Technology plan (AT) section of the IEP, a determination is made regarding whether a further AT assessment is warranted and then indicated on the IEP.



Required Paperwork



Once an assessment referral is made, the IEP team will complete the Assistive Technology Assessment Referral Form. The Case Coordinator will obtain a Meeting Record signed by the student’s team and parent indicating the request for assessment. The Referral Form, Meeting Record copy, and previously completed SETT form are forwarded to the AT Team Leaders. 






The AT Team Leaders will coordinate the assessment process by contacting individuals from the student’s IEP team and McCSEC’s AT team. Assessment team members will be selected based on the identified needs of the student. 


The designated AT assessment team will conduct an evaluation according to written guidelines which include student observation and assistive technology device trials. Evaluation results and recommendations will be shared in a written report with the student’s IEP team.





Follow-up responsibilities regarding necessary AT equipment, devices, and/or strategies will be assigned to AT assessment team members.