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Assistive Technology Policies

March 27, 2008

                                                                                                                        Revised December 16, 2015



McPherson County Special Education Cooperative                     

Assistive Technology Policy


The McPherson County Special Education Cooperative has established the following policies to ensure that all children served by McCSEC have equal access to assistive technology devices and services.



Provision of Assistive              

Technology                               McPherson County Special Education Cooperative will ensure that appropriate assistive technology devices and services are provided to students if identified in the student’s IEP as tools necessary to: meet IEP goals, modifications, accommodations, or behavior supports; provide access to curricular and extracurricular activities; and progress in the general education curriculum.


Policy for Home Use                Assistive technology devices may be used in the student’s home or other settings if the IEP team determines that access in those settings is necessary to provide services as indicated in the student’s IEP.


Transfer of Equipment            The Cooperative will retain assistive technology devices purchased by the McPherson County Special Education Cooperative when the student is no longer eligible for special education services in McCSEC. Such devices and materials shall be placed in the AT Lending Library if no longer needed by the exiting student’s primary teacher.


Assistive Technology             

Assessment                               The McCSEC Assistive Technology Team will provide assistance to IEP teams through assistive technology, assessments, recommendations, consultation, and follow-up.



Provision of Training              The McPherson County Special Education Cooperative will provide training to all McCSEC staff in the area of assistive technology. Training will be provided by a combination of local AT team members and the Kansas Infinitec Coalition.



Assistive Technology        

Lending Library                      The McPherson County Special Education Cooperative will provide general resource materials and a variety of assistive technology devices through an AT Lending Library accessible to all McCSEC licensed staff.   Materials and devices may be checked out for a period of six weeks and may be rechecked if the item is not on a waiting list. All Library items should be returned at the end of each school year. An AT Library inventory will be available at