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  • 16:10 Bloodborne Pathogens Training

    Training video about bloodborne pathogens.

    Uploaded Jul 24, 2018 to Staff
  • 1:1:18 Suicide Prevention Training

    Training video on suicide prevention.

    Uploaded Jul 24, 2018 to Staff
  • 12:11 Bullying Training

    Training video about how to prevent/stop bullying.

    Uploaded Jul 24, 2018 to Staff
  • 9:49 Anti-Harassment Training

    Informational video about forms of harassment.

    Uploaded Jul 24, 2018 to Staff
  • MC418: Why the Mercury 7?

    USD 418, along with six other Kansas school districts, will participate in the KSDE Mercury 7 School Redesign Project during the 2017-2018 school year. While the "school redesign" gives many people an idea what the project is about, many have asked: "Why Mercury 7? What does that mean? And, why is USD 418 a participant?"

    This video seeks to provide clarification for what the "Mercury 7 Project" is and why USD 418 is involved.

    Uploaded Oct 18, 2017 to School Redesign

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